◆Kinoko Takenoko War IF —Eng ver.— 09/24/2016 —

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■ ver1.0 —–


Click the upper link and cloud icon.
The downloading of files will start.

Sorry! All events and some flavor texts have been removed from this ver.

■ If you can’t play this game normally. —–

Please look at this page.
If you can’t play this game normally.


■ When you would like to edit or remodel.dat files” —–

If you are interested in editing the elements of this game, you can change them by editing each .dat files in the script folder.
Basically, you can edit most scripts in English.
(In some functions, you can’t use several signs such as “,” or “;” …)
Edit and make your own game balance.

If you want to know how to make own original scenario, please contact us!