If you can’t play this game normally.

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Thank you for playing our “KinoTake-War”
We’re glad to know that a lot of overseas people play this!

However,we have something to worry about.
Getting some e-mails, we realised the letters in this game are corrupted
when you run this game on overseas windows(such as an English edition)
(like this → –a,!W,E,C□,P(8740)□v,A,MA□C……

So, we propose some solution.
In order to solve this problem, we would ask you to follow some steps.
But, we don’t have English edition windows.
This way might not necessarily be able to solve your problem.
Please understand that beforehand.
■ Solution for windows 10 —–
1. Open the Control Panel. And click “Add a language” in the “Clock, language, and Region”.

2. Click “Add a language” button.

3. Operate the scroll bar and look for “Japanese”.
Then, click that button,the installing of language pack will start.

When you followed that procedure, reboot your PC.
Then, it is thought that the letters of this game are displayed normally.
■ Solution for windows 7 —–
(The images are Japanese edition. Sorry, we don’t have English edition……
1. Open the Control Panel. And click Region and Language.

2. Click Location tab. And set “Current location” to Japan.

! You must change this once!!
3. Click Administrative tab.
If “Laungage for non-Unicode programs” is not Japanese(Japan),
You have to click “Change system locale”.

4. Click “Current system locale” to Japanese(Japan).

5. When you click “OK”, you will be required to restart Windows.
Please save all your data and restart Windows.
6. Restarting Windows,
Run “kinoTake-War” and check whether the characters in this game are corrupted or not.

If the letters aren’t corrupted, you may change “Current location” to your own country.